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Surgical Clearance Specialist

Brendan Sullivan, MD, FACC

Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Board Certified in Cardiology & Board Certified in Nuclear Cardiology located in Clifton, NJ & Ridgewood, NJ

Undergoing surgery can create health complications, so it’s important to have a preoperative medical assessment in advance. Brendan Sullivan, MD, FACC, is an experienced cardiologist and internal medicine physician who offers surgical clearance exams at his clinic in Clifton and Ridgewood, New Jersey. For more information, book an appointment online or over the phone.

Surgical Clearance Q & A

What is surgical clearance?

Before you undergo surgery, it’s common for your surgeon to request a surgical clearance from a physician beforehand. These appointments provide your surgeon with an opportunity to gather as much information as possible about your overall health to ensure your surgery goes well.

Dr. Sullivan is a triple board-certified physician who offers specialized services in a family oriented environment, including surgical clearance and preoperative assessments.

A preoperative exam usually occurs within the month leading up to your surgery. This appointment allows your doctor to identify and treat any potential medical issues you may have before undergoing surgery. It can also help determine if you’ll need specialized care during or after your surgery.

After your surgical clearance appointment, Dr. Sullivan will share your results with your surgeon.

Why do I need a surgical clearance?

The goal of a surgical clearance is to reduce your risk of surgical complications or death during your procedure. These tests are often determined based on your overall health, the anesthesia involved in your surgery, and the type of surgery planned.

Most surgical patients need a standard assortment of screenings before their surgery, including:

  • Complete blood count
  • Kidney, liver, and blood sugar screenings
  • Chest X-ray
  • Electrocardiogram

Dr. Sullivan offers a wide range of diagnostic tools, including vascular ultrasounds, Doppler screenings, electrocardiograms, and stress echocardiograms. He’ll work closely with you and your surgeon to determine the best tests to include in your surgical clearance exam.

What can I expect during my surgical clearance appointment?

During your preoperative evaluation, Dr. Sullivan will conduct a comprehensive physical exam and review your overall health. Based on your upcoming surgery, he might request blood and urine tests. In addition to the physical portion of your exam and your blood analysis, Dr. Sullivan will also discuss your:

  • Past and current medical history
  • Surgical history
  • Family medical history
  • Allergies
  • Experiences or unusual reactions to previous anesthetics
  • Past or present use of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs
  • Medication use

Dr. Sullivan will also look for signs of cardiac issues that could increase your risk of complications during surgery.

To schedule a surgical clearance, book an appointment online or over the phone with Brendan Sullivan, MD, FACC.